Surveillance & Security Solutions

Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Protect your home and business by investing in a Closed Circuit Television System, more commonly known as CCTV, which expands visual surveillance capabilities and records activities.

In the progressive era we live in, we can use some of the technological advances to help protect your business from losses and vandalism. A surveillance camera monitors the area surrounding your property and even sensitive areas within your property where you feel that extra security is required, and can monitor the entry and exit of people or vehicles.

Unfortunately, many crimes against businesses are committed from within the businesses themselves. As a business owner, you should also consider taking precautions by installing cameras to keep an eye on both your customers and your employees.

our comprehensive range of CCTV equipment is high-quality, functionally rich and competitively priced. You can choose from either Analogue or IP CCTV, according to your requirements.

Surveillance & Security Solutions


Intercoms systems can significantly increase your level of security by serving as an added form of surveillance. When an intercom is also connected to a door release system, you can unlock the main door from anywhere in the premises to let visitors in. Intercoms come in different forms; some of which just have audio while others can include video, adding more security to your business. You can also choose from a handset Video Monitor Entry System or a hands-free Video Monitor Entry System.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Installing a quality intruder alarm has been proven to deter break-ins. With a small investment, you could make your business much more secure.

Our alarm systems are designed to provide the earliest possible detection of an intrusion and can alert pre-determined telephone numbers within seconds of an alarm being raised. The system also offers a panic alert system, which allows you to activate the alarm should you suspect a break in while you are at home with a simple push of a button.

Time and Attendance

Time and attendance technology has revolutionized the way in which hundreds of companies gather and process employee attendance information. The speed and accuracy of personnel monitoring has had a remarkable effect upon clerical efficiency.

Corporations, public and government institutions can also benefit from diverse work hour tracking and monitoring features, such as calculating compensations for business trips, special assignments, overtime, and work shifts, in addition to monitoring employees’ regular time of arriving and leaving the workplace.

We supplies various different types of fire extinguishers in different sizes to suit your requirements. Fire extinguishers will help to control a fire but DO NOT risk your life or the lives of others in fighting a fire that has grown too big for you to handle.

Access Control & Locks

Who has access into your commercial premises? Office intrusions are more common than most people realize, and an intruder could look at sensitive documents, steal expensive equipment or pose a threat to your employees.

Our access control systems involve unique hands-free technology and are based on active cards and tags, making it easier and more efficient to protect your property, while providing access to those who are authorized with minimum inconvenience. Alberta offers various different products ranging from simple stand-alone devices to a complete engineered system.


Are your most valuable items safe from fires, floods or theft? Investing in a safe will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that sensitive documents and items of value are safe and secure. Recent technological advancements have made safes the ideal solution for practical, accessible and affordable security.

We provide safes in every size and for every purpose. Safes range from the most compact office safe to large scale vaults and you can choose from whether you would like to use key, manual, electronic or dual locking systems. .

Surveillance & Security Solutions
Surveillance & Security Solutions
Surveillance & Security Solutions
Surveillance & Security Solutions
Surveillance & Security Solutions