Pledge of Quality


Off Nii Tagbor Street,

         East Legon, Mempeasem


P.O.BOX CT 1161

          Cantonments, Accra

Mon - Sat: 8:00 - 17:00

E&P Services Ltd principal objective is to provide our clients with quality, innovative and cost effective consulting/engineering and construction solutions for their projects. We shall ensure that all works by us meet the project quality requirements.

It is the policy of E&P Services ltd that all components of projects shall be performed in accordance with the requirement of the owners contract specifications and the approved drawings.

Management of E&P Services Ltd shall provide a quality control officer to provide supervision and technical direction to the quality control activities The Management performs audit and reviews to ensure that the quality manual is effectively implemented

Among other, the quality control officer will ensure that:

  • Works are done according to clients direction and specification
  • Materials are tested and measured to conform to the requirements provided by the client
  • Materials are protected from damage due to inclement weather or other hazardous inputs
  • Materials are handle in a way that will not compromise its strength and purpose of use
  • Workmen handle the materials and equipment as required
  • Right tools and equipment are used in executing the works
  • Quality control test are carried out before, during and after completion of works
  • The right repair and remedies are carried out should the tested works reports some defects
  • Comprehensive reports from test conducted and others are documented and given to client where necessary