Corrosion Control


Corrosion is the deterioration of a material. In the case of steel, this occurs when steel in attempt to revert to its original low energy and stable state (iron ore) combines with atmospheric oxygen and water to form a compound, which is similar in composition to their original ore. However, what is formed (hydrated iron oxide) is porous and flaky in nature, commonly known as rust, which compromises structural integrity.


The basic purpose of corrosion control is to maintain the soundness and integrity of a structure. If a structure is free of corrosion, the risk of harmful leakage or an explosion is significantly reduced. Corrosion control offers proven, cost effective ways to reduce the premature deterioration of materials and protect both the public and the environment in the process.

An important component of this process is using trained professionals equipped with the latest technologies. Another equally important aspect of controlling corrosion is recognizing that corrosion is indeed a threat and taking the steps to prevent it. Implementation of effective corrosion control programs will result in a safer, cleaner environment, and a safer, healthier public.


  • General corrosion consultancy
  • Material selection and design
  • Coating inspection and Failure analysis
  • Surface preparation and coating application
  • Technical supports for in-house coating projects
  • Coating inspection and Failure analysis
  • Writing specifications for coatings

At E&P Services Ltd because we understand the mechanism of corrosion and its effects, you can count on us for optimum solutions.